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Combined rail road transport is particularly well suited to the shipping of hazardous goods since it reduces risk.


Focuses on the packaging requirements of goods in transit, in particular for items traveling overland by road or rail.


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Smart and sustainable business requires the skills of logistics experts who are able to think ahead.

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With over 50 years of providing world class service to their customers on the asset side, a need to provide a one stop shop for a” true customer service logistic solution” was introduced. By adding this dimension to an already dynamic and customer centric asset based provider, we feel we bring a total solution.
When it comes to the shipping documentation, the requirements can differ and vary depending on whether you are shipping via air or sea. There are a lot of additional factors involved, such as whether you choose to drop your pack of documents off at a receiving centre/depot or have it already collected. Whichever shipping solution will be your choice, our specialized freight team will be here to assist you and make sure that you have all the papers that you need to have.
Airban Logistics will be glad to handle any kinds of International Customs and Quarantine requirements that are all required for the clearance of imports or exports consignments, which are typically highly regulated. Its critical to prepare for and complete these various customs clearance procedures properly, as they are all important in making your goods be transported and picked up at the destination port in a proper and fast way. If some of those rules are bent, heavy penalties may follow, which we will help you to avoid!
An Ultimate Warehousing Management, Provided by a Freight Company That Knows How to Deal With Bulk Cargo Shipments! Do you need to reduce distribution costs and lead time for orders? Want the flexibility of multiple locations within the same city, within the same country or around the world to optimize the overall efficiency? We already have all this in place.


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